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Onion spoofs Obama

In thinking about US political candidates one can get a little distracted with what’s happening closer to home in Zimbabwe and start to take the race for the primaries a bit too seriously. When news channels show how much the candidates are spending on TV advertising, a person begins to wonder if we’re all living in the real world.

On our doorstep we have a potential democratic election that may yeild another African miracle (South Africa being the example to follow here). The MDC say they will “forgive and forget” and start building Zimbabwe up. Here’s to change.

Thinking about change, if you haven’t seen a recent Onion offering – do yourself a favour.

Did you know that sunny SA has our own version of the mighty spoof-page? Indeed we do. And what did they call it? Not Eish, Eina, Ys-Rys-en-Vleis or even Pap-en-sous… rather Hayibo. Nice SA flavour to it.


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