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Before you laugh, bear in mind that my heading is realtive to South African politics where parliamentary debate like watching a B-grade sledge-fest rather than one where smart verbal riposte is appreciated.

Currently the primaries (which candidate the parties will endorse) are being decided with the main attraction being the Democrat race between Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton. The republican guy sounds like a slightly smarter version of Dubya (note: not that difficult) with the same agenda.

So Obama’s campaign to win the hearts and minds of American voters by being the clear cut-above of the two democtrats was steaming ahead when it hit a snag. Yes, the fact that a) he is black and b) knows people who say politically incorrect things seems to be playing into Hillary’s hands.

Sure, Hillary is a woman and also has loud-mouthed friends… but not like this she doesn’t. Here is abc television’s take on Obama’s pastor.

Obama’s Pastor: God Damn America, US To Blame for 9-11

Okay, so they’re not so subtle after all but I’ll be watching with interest to see how this soap opera plays out.


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