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Flying Squirrels

I got this from a colleague in the office the other day, and it has to be the single most incredible clip that I’ve ever seen:

In case you were wondering, what these psychos are doing is called wingsuit flying. Popularised by Patrick de Gayardon (who subsequently died while testing a new modification) wingsuits seem like the stuff of dreams, and yet they’ve found their way into the mainstream.

It’s almost surreal just how awesome that clip is. The guys are practically living one of humanity’s oldest dreams and keep on pushing the boundaries. I love how the guy says that they got bored, so they had to try something more interesting!


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I’m going to feel real unique being in crowd of 35 000 people dressed up in lycra and perched on masochistically-hard saddles when the biggest organised cycling race in the world pedals out of Cape Town and around the Cape peninsula.

Trying to see if I could improve on my time from last year I went to check out the Split Time Calculator that the organisers have put up on the website. I was quite impressed that I could not only see which points I needed to be at and when simply entering my desired finishing time.

Clicking on the split times brings up a line in an altitude graph which shows you where you will be on the race, and a real sweat addition of opening up a Google Earth tag for that position so you can have a look at the road and conditions.

I have also recently reviewed a very true-to-life book on the 108km cycle.

If you’re interested, here is a rather cheesy official video about the race.

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