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1Time last time

Cheap flights are great. For a couple hundred rand a person has the chance to zoom about all over the country. But cheap or expensive seats always have one catch that I try and bypass every time – waiting for your luggage at the end of the trip. This is fast becoming one of my top pet peeves. And a reminder to only pack hand luggage. Ever.

Flying with 1Time nourished this dislike of waiting. After twenty minues of waiting after touching down in Cape Town I was still wondering what happened to my luggage. The ever-present crew – on hand to handle any queries – said they thought the luggage truck hadn’t gone to meet the plane.

I can’t say this is the last time I’ll fly with 1Time, but it’ll make me thing twice. I normally fly with Kulula, South Africa’s original cheap airline, but Mango is alright – although only when the price is low enough for me to forget that it is owned by SAA. If you don’t know who SAA are, they’re a national airline company that’s proved to be a complete black hole for taxes, kept afloat to ensure doesn’t humiliate itself by admitting incompetence.

It routinely gets swindled by a new, flashier CEO after paying it’s previous fat cat out to try and introduce a business plan that doesn’t include cronism.


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