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Buying a first suit


How many suits have you bought? The answer for me is easy. None. Searching for one is also a tricky business and, unless you’re loaded and get to walk randomly into Fabiani and hand over the shekels, you’ll want to look around.


The suit I wear will be for weddings, parties and times when it pays to look like everyone else and, as I have at least a couple of each option popping up this year, I am making like a scout and being prepared.

I popped over to Cavendish Square and walked into For Men Only and Gerani.

My wallet is telling me that the half price sale for March at For Men is a winner, but the heart is pining over the “straight from Italy” Super 110 wool on display in Gerani.

A great link I found for some tips for buying a first suit is from the soyouwanna site – www.soyouwanna…menssuit

Here is a video with various suit style options


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Pangea Day

On May the 10th a host of cities around the world will combine for Pangea Day, where they will broadcast a program across the world designed “to use the power of film to bring the world a little closer together.”

Cairo, Dharamsala, Kigali, London, New York City, Ramallah, Rio de Janeiro, and Tel Aviv will all combine in a massive videoconference. Aside from the films that will be featured, a host of “power speakers” will be given the chance to address the world.

Taken directly from the site, the aim of the event is as follows: “Pangea Day seeks to overcome that (losing sight of what we all have in common) – to help people see themselves in others – through the power of film.”

However the event isn’t designed to merely be a feel-good flash-in-the-pan. Instead the organisers intend to use it to link its inspired audience with the active infrastructures that are already in place and are driving a positive change in community building. The event is designed to generate a lot of energy, and then rather than let it dissipate, channel it into sustainable and effective endeavours.

This is the viral video that has been distributed. Adding a slightly different slant to the iconic scenes from Tiananmen Square, the clip manages to powerfully portray the shift in perspective that Pangea Day hopes to achieve.

Part of my optimism for the world has been based on the proliferation of the media. Never before has humanity had so much perspective – so much opportunity given for independent thought. Pangea Day seems to illustrate all of that.

Here’s hoping that we’ll see much more of it in the days to come. Maybe someday events like this will become mainstream in nature.

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Hello World

I guess that before I kick off this blog I owe its readers (real or imagined) an explanation of its direction. Working in the online industry I fully understand the importance of a blog having a set theme or direction in order for it to truly thrive in terms of being a useful resource for its readers. However, to be perfectly honest, I just couldn’t settle on any single topic.

At the end of the day I’m not starting this blog with the ambition of it cracking into the various blog charts. Rather, having spent an eternity pondering what I’m going to write about, I decided to just start writing and see where it goes. It can always be refined and redirected at a later stage, but the fact of the matter is that I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades (read: master of none) and I don’t really want to limit what I can write.

That being said I expect it to tend towards some topics more naturally than others (football, marketing, movies, Kate Beckinsale). Hopefully, in the long-run, I’ll crack a formula that works.

And with that, I’ve gotten the annoying but mandatory Hello World post out of the way. Now onto the real stuff…

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